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California’s election could bring $6 billion to its affordable housing market

 · Election 2018: California’s rent-control measure defeated. which would fund affordable housing construction for veterans and low-income Californians with $4 billion.

From major funding increases for affordable housing, to his threat to take. cash for local governments to combat homelessness-of that $300 million will go. $25 million to get more homeless Californians on federal disability programs. as the biggest obstacle to producing more low-income and market-rate housing.

Unlike a lot of propositions in this year's election, Prop 1 was authored by a state. in bonds for state projects have to put the proposal up for voters to vote on.. Prop 1 would add $4 billion to our overall bond debt.. loans for low income housing, the proposition also funds loans for veterans, farmworkers,

Voters in Los Angeles will vote on 11 statewide propositions, three city. Proponents of Proposition 1 say California currently has a shortage of affordable housing and. Proposition 3 allows the state to borrow $8.877 billion in bonds to.. developers from building new housing units, which bring down the.

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Housing a Growing California: State Law vs Local Decision-making Los Angeles Times: Bid to hike commercial property taxes in California could raise $6B-$10B a year, analysis finds. A proposed November 2018 ballot initiative to increase property taxes on commercial land could add $6 billion to $10 billion to state coffers annually, according to a report by the state’s nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office.

The high housing cost is driving Californians to leave their current county or even the state. According to C.A.R.’s 2018 State of the Housing Market/Study of Housing: Insight, Forecast, Trends (SHIFT) report, 28 percent of homebuyers moved out of the county in which they previously resided, up.

Californians had a dozen propositions to vote on, from rent control to gas taxes, from water. Allows the state to issue $4 billion in bonds for existing affordable housing. illness off the street and into facilities that bring better access to services.. The proposition would also require the Legislature to get a majority of voters to.

Today’s top news by email. The county’s 7 million bond fund for affordable housing – drawn from its 2004 general obligation bond – is indeed a major source of interest to prosecutors and federal agents. The money was divided evenly among the county’s 13 commissioners, each of.